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The objective of T3Net is to foster a group of young scientists with specialized training in integrating dynamic cell imaging techniques and high content screening approaches with the biology and pathophysiology underlying cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The academic and industrial partners provide training in new areas of research including the cell structures mediating invasion such as podosomes and invadopodia, as well as the application of materials sciences, nanotechnology and state-of-the-art in vivo imaging. These techniques are applied to study ECM-cell interactions, in models encompassing vascular remodelling, immunity, inflammation and bone physiology, as well as the pathophysiology of cancer invasion. T3Net trainees are thus at the forefront of current research, with innovative, complementary expertise in ECM remodelling and tissue transmigration in physiology and pathology. They also benefit from valuable complementary skills training including communication, entrepreneurship and intellectual property rights.

Training is articulated in multiple layers of intervention:

  • Local (training through individual research projects and secondments)
  • Institutional (seminar programmes, specific and general courses, etc.)
  • Network-wide activities (annual network symposia, organization of workshops/training courses and visits to partner laboratories and SMEs for scientific collaborations and courses).

An additional innovative feature is to provide high quality complementary skills training to all fellows through an academic associated partner: Open University, UK (http://www.open.ac.uk/)



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